Wiley X SG-1

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This patent pending system provides two functions in one: converting from a fashionable sunglass to low profile goggle. Its' ballistic, anti-fog lenses can be changed in seconds when weather or activity dictates the need. Unique Ultra-Foam™ seals the eye orbits providing protection from extreme changes in body temperature or weather temperature. The temples disengage with a push of a button and can be replaced with a snap loaded elastic headband. The SG-1 combines wind protective fashion with ballistic function.

When the Army Rangers approached us two years ago they wanted us to design a ballistic goggle they could wear for all around use. They wanted something they could jump with, use during close quarters combat as well as have basic sun protection in their down time. Two years in development the SG-1 system has met all the challenges posed.

This patented low profile goggle functions perfect as a jump goggle. It stays firmly in place and its' aerodynamic lines cut through the wind. Once on the ground the goggle performs better than any sand, dust or wind goggle ever imagined. Our "Ultra Foam" is a rubber based rim that is much more durable than traditional goggle foam. It also provides a much better seal around the ocular ridge keeping foreign objects and particles from the users field of vision. Our "Ultra Foam" is also the only foam that can be customized based on environment and operations being conducted. Notches are intentionally manufactured into the foam so sections can be removed. This allows more ventilation if conducting intense operations in humid conditions. If the conditions are very dry, where sand, dust, and wind is a prominent concern, then the foam remains as is. Please Note: Ultra Foam cannot be replaced once removed. This goggle was widely heralded for its performance in sandstorms experienced by our troops conducting both OEF and OIF.

The SG-1's streamlined design fits better under all issued helmets and is more functional given the interchangeable, two lens package. Our wrap back technology drastically improves peripheral vision, plus the lenses can be interchanged providing day and night protection. Each ballistic lens is layered with our proprietary anti-fog, and scratch resistant coatings providing perfect optical clarity and protection. The SG-1 is currently the only goggle that truly functions with NVG's.

Lastly the product can be converted from a goggle into a functional, ballistic sunglass providing all around use. This is the only true ballistic, modular goggle ever produced. Each SG-1 system comes with two sets of ballistic, anti-fog lenses (clear and tinted), elastic strap, temples and case for storage.

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