Frequently Asked Questions

Where are NovaTac flashlights made?
All of our lights are Proudly Made in the USA.

How do I intall the pocket clip? Do I have to remove the o-ring first?
Yes. When installing the supplied clip on any model of NovaTac flashlight the O-ring under the switch must first be removed. Unscrew and remove the switch from the battery tube. Wipe the lubricant from the exposed threads. Carefully push the O-ring between the thumb and forefinger to one side of the battery tube creating a loop. Insert a blunt object under the loop and remove the O-ring. Install the clip pointing toward the lens then re-install the O-ring in the groove. Keeping downward pressure on the clip, replace the switch and tighten. Tightening compresses the clip and results in secure bezel down carry.

What does EDC mean?
The name EDC originates from the term Every Day Carry (EDC). These flashlights are small enough to carry on your person every day and night.

What is the difference between the 85 lumen version and the 120 lumen version?
The difference is the maximum output of the LED. The LEDs in the 85 lumen and 120 lumen versions are virtually identical but due to manufacturing variations, one has a higher maximum output. NovaTac tests its flashlights to ensure they are performing within the specifications of the designated maximum rating.

Can the Tactical go directly to disorienting strobe?
Yes, a click-press will give direct momentary access to the strobe from off. It is also momentary if accessed from other brightness levels when the button is pushed and held. From the other brightness levels disorienting strobe can be latched on with a click-press.

Is the Programmable model able to go directly to disorienting strobe?
Yes, you can program any one of the levels on the Programmable model to strobe then go directly to it from off by setting the light to force on to that level. You can momentarily go to strobe from other brightness levels by setting it where maximum usually is then pressing the button.

Do the NovaTac EDC models include a pocket clip or lanyard attachment?
Yes, all NovaTac EDC models come with a pocket clip which includes a lanyard attach point.

Where can I find reviews on the new NovaTac flashlights?
Several NovaTac Reviews are available on our News page September 21, 2007.

Can the 85 lumen version be upgraded to the 120 lumen version at a later date?
No - Due to the construction of the flashlight it is a very complicated process to change the LED. Changing or tampering with the LED voids the NovaTac warranty so is not recommended.

Will the LED burn out like a regular flashlight bulb?
High output LEDs have a life-span of 50,000 - 100,000 hours. They are extremely rugged and It is unlikely that the LED in any of the NovaTac flashlights will burn out during the lifetime warranty.

Are there any accessories available for these flashlights?
At this time there are no accessories offered by NovaTac. Accessories like holsters and mounts may be available from some of our dealers.

Are the parts of the NovaTac flashlights interchangeable with the Arc 4 or HDS EDC series of flashlights?

Will the NovaTac EDC flashlights "tail-stand?"
The programmable model will generally tail-stand due to its flat switch. The EDC model and Tactical model will NOT tail-stand. The term tail-stand refers to the ability to turn the flashlight on and place it on a flat surface so that the light is emitted straight up. This bounces the light off the ceiling for general lighting similar to a candle.

Will NovaTac make brighter, higher output versions?
NovaTac is dedicated to the design and manufacture of flexible and forward thinking lighting solutions. NovaTac will continue to design and build better, brighter flashlights as lighting technology evolves.

Which batteries do you recommend for the NovaTac EDC flashlights?
Most CR-123a size batteries will work in the EDC series of flashlights. The lights will function well on disposable (primary) batteries or rechargeable batteries. Please contact your dealer for details and specific recommendations.

How many models are available?
The NovaTac EDC series of flashlights is divided into three models. They are the Every Day Carry, the Tactical, and the Programmable. Each model is available with 85 or 120 lumen maximum output.

What are the differences between the EDC, Tactical, and Programmable models?
The EDC model is pre-programmed from the factory with 3 preset brightness settings, emergency strobe and an extended button. It turns on to 10 lumens. The EDC model is designed for most users who need a simple multi-output flashlight with emergency strobe.

The Tactical model is designed for Military, Law Enforcement and personal defense users. It has 3 preset brightness settings, a disorienting strobe and an extended button. It turns on to maximum brightness every time.
The Programmable version offers a flat button and the most flexibility for users who like to personalize the settings of their flashlight. It has 4 changeable brightness settings and 9 options. It can be programmed to come on to your choice of brightness settings. There is no other production flashlight that offers the wide range of output and options of the NovaTac EDC Programmable flashlights.

The following chart shows the differences between the three NovaTac models. It lists the available options on each of the three models.

Series Name Program? Tailcap Protrudes? Disorienting Strobe? Emergency Strobe? Emergency S O S? Momentary On? Levels Additional Options
EDC-85/120 No Yes No Yes No No 3 Brightness Levels
Emergency Strobe
No Yes Yes No No Yes 3 Brightness Levels
Disorienting Strobe
Yes No From Option Menu - Does
not use level or Program
Uses One Level
From Option Menu - Does
not use level or Program
Uses One Level
From Option Menu - Does
not use level or Program
Uses One Level

Program from option menu Does Not Use Level

4 Settable Brightness
-Emergency Strobe
-Emergency SOS
-Locator Flash
-Force Setting
-Button Lock
-Auto Off
-Simple Momentary
-Tactical Momentary
-Disable Ramp & Options
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