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Tactical Assault Gear. The Operator's Choice. The Most Advanced Assault Gear on Earth.

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  • Tactical Assault Gear Duty Gear and Magazine Pouches Tactical Assault Gear Duty Gear and Magazine Pouches
    Tactical Assault Gear M4 Magazine Pouches, Pistol Magazine Pouches, Dump Pouches, Asp Pouches, Flashlight Pouches, Escape & Evasion Pouches, MBITR Pouches
  • Tactical Assault Gear MOLLE Pouches Tactical Assault Gear MOLLE Pouches
    MOLLE Pouches, M16/M4 Pouches, Shotgun Shell Pouches, Pistol Mag Pouches, Compass Pouches, Smoke Grenade Pouches, Admin Pouches, 40mm Grenade Pouches, Frag Grenade Pouches, Flashbang Pouches, MBITR Pouches, SAW Pouches, Utility Pouches, Drop Leg Platforms, Medical Pouches
  • Tactical Assault Gear Slings Tactical Assault Gear Slings
    Weapons Catch, CQC Single Hook Sling, Single Point Sling, M16 3 Point Tactical Sling, S.A.W. 3 Point Tactical Sling, M4 3 Point Tactical Sling
  • Tactical Assault Gear Apparel Tactical Assault Gear Apparel
    TAG Discount Tees, TAG Logo Tees, TAG Logo Hats, Warrior Hats, TAG Small Cross Logo Hats, TAG Skull Logo Hats
  • Tactical Assault Gear Accessories Tactical Assault Gear Accessories
    Drop Leg Extenders, Duty Key Holders, Americal Flag Patches, IR Blood Type Patches, Large & Small Zipties, Note Book Covers, Scope Covers, ID Neck Badges, Shemaghs, Personal Retention Lanyards, Carabiners, Pistol Lanyards, TAG Logo Tee Shirts, Flex Fit Ball Caps, Warrior Hats, TAG Logo Hats
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