Spec-Ops T.H.E. MAMBA

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If You Have A Bolt Action Rifle, Pump or Auto Shotgun, Lever Action Rifle or an AR Style Rifle, UNIVERSAL MAMBA Will Fit Them All!

PROBLEM: Standard issue weapons slings are too complicated and merely carry the weapon. Plus, our forces are using an increasing variety of weapons systems, making sling selection difficult, particularly in the hectic spin-up prior to deployment.

SOLUTION: UNIVERSAL MAMBA™ Combat Fighting Sling is a one-sling-fits-all system that simplifies the sling selection process and improves performance in the field. Innovations like the new UNIVERSAL design, which allows the sling to be mounted to all weapons platforms, and the patent pending “Uni-Link” feature, which improves the way it is mounted, set the new performance standard for combat fighting slings. UNIVERSAL MAMBA™ also retains battle-proven features like the Power Strike Zone™ that made its predecessor, the MAMBA™, the market leader.


  • Universal design, fits all conventional weapons. Sling can be mounted quickly and easily to all weapons platforms being fielded by the US military including the M-4, M-16, M-14, M-24, M-40, SR-25, Mk-11, Mod. 0, M-240, M-249, M-79 and M-107 and various shotguns. The same sling works for right- or left- handed shooters.
  • Power Strike Zone: Stretch feature allows wearer to strike an opponent with the weapon muzzle while weapon still slung and in ready position. The original MAMBA was the first sling to include this feature.
  • The innovative “Uni-Link” feature (patent pending) allows the user to mount the sling without the cumbersome adaptors and failure-prone hook-and-loop attachment points found on other slings.
  • Tubular web design is super strong and virtually twist/tangle free. UNIVERSAL MAMBA™ has a 1.25-inch wide shoulder strap. Available in Black.
  • Backed by Spec.-Ops. Brands Unique Lifetime Guarantee.

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