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  • Paraclete Armor Vests Paraclete Armor Vests
    Releasable Modular vest, Hard Plate Carrier, Hard Plate Carrier w/Cummerbund, Load Bearing Vests, Modular Tactical Vests, Outer Tactical Vests, Rack Vest, Riot Control Vest, Interceptor Vest, Special tactics Armor Kit, Briefcase Vest, LCS Kit
  • Paraclete Armor Paraclete Armor
    Hard Armor Plates, Soft Armor Level II & IIIA, Inserts for Hard Plate Carriers, Bicep Protectors, Collar Protectors, Groin Protectors, Front Yoke w/Armor, Shoulder Protectors, Protector Covers, Armored Helmets, Soft Armor Briefcase Insert
  • Paraclete Armor Pouches and Pockets Paraclete Armor Pouches and Pockets
    Radio Pouches, Medical Pouches, Ammo Pouches Battery Pouches, Camelbak Pouches, GPS Pouch, Flash Bang Pouches, E Trek Pouches, General Purpose Pouches, Grenade Pouches, Chemical Mask Pouch, Blower Pouch, Saw Drum, Signal Kit, Breathng Kit, Canteen Pouches, NVG/NOD Pouch, Antenna Bag/Friction Bag, Mortar Pouches
  • Paraclete Armor Rucks Paraclete Armor Rucks
    TIMS Ruck, Day Pack for TIMS Ruck, TIMS 3 Day Pack w/GP Pouch
  • Paraclete Armor Holsters Paraclete Armor Holsters
    Envelope Holster, Leg Holster w/Ammo Pouch, Tactical Reversible Thigh Holster
  • Paraclete Armor Accessories Paraclete Armor Accessories
    Back Panel w/Sewn On Pockets, Adaptor Straps, Breathing Apparatus Sewn on Panel, Carrier Bag FFP - Bag Carrier REDS kit, EOD Bag, EOD Kit, Modular Back Panel, Foam Shoulder Pads, Tactical Vest MT1-XX Parachute Kit Bag, Oxygen Skull Cap, Cummerbund Side Plate Pocket, Cylinder Cover, Flashlight Holder, Zylon Hose Cover
  • Paraclete Armor Leg Drop Paraclete Armor Leg Drop
    Leg Drop Breachers Bags, Leg Drop General Pupose Uility, Leg Drop Panel
  • Paraclete Armor Law Enforcement Paraclete Armor Law Enforcement
    Ammo Pouches, Envelope Holster, Armor Inserts, Plate Carriers, Paraclete Shield Vest, Modular Vest, BDU's, Armored Helmets
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