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Total professional quality with a visible difference

The first full arsenal of tactical/police LED flashlights, the INOVA T-Series signals the end of the incandescent flashlight blues for professionals everywhere.

See farther - T-Series flashlights project more light, farther than any other in their size class.

See longer - They provide long burn times with constant, non-dimming brightness over battery life.

Get extreme durability and reliability - T-Series flashlights are built to high engineering, material and manufacturing standards.

Benefit from smooth handling and control - Their compact bodies and tactical switch designs provide operational excellence.

Gain strategic advantage - These quality tools outperform competing flashlights in virtually every way.

  • Features:
    • The revolutionary TIROS™ lens—protected by aluminum body walls up to .25" thick
  • • Aircraft aluminum body machined from solid bar stock (not extruded tubing) with military-grade, Type III anodized hard-coat and stainless steel head
  • • Lifetime LED bulbs—virtually indestructible
  • • Power regulation for constant, non-dimming brightness over battery life Double AR-coated mineral glass optical window with Teflon® seal that counters
    environmental pressure.
  • • Aggressive knurling for positive grip
  • Shock-proof, crush-proof and water-resistant construction (T4 rechargeable is not water resistant).
  • • Battery/batteries included
  • • Critical mating surfaces held to .0005" tolerances
  • • O-ring compression sealing throughout.
  • • Limited lifetime warranty

The T-Series puts strategic advantage into the hands of professionals for whom every thought, action and piece of equipment can be critical to the mission.

Police and military personnel around the world rely on INOVA flashlights to get the job done. Our new T-Series flashlights give them more light with less bulk. Their smaller, highly efficient lens and battery systems allow compact body sizes that handle, transport and store with ease.=l


100-Lumen LED Output
2 Hour Burn Time

8.0" length x 1.1" diameter

4-watt lifetime LED

Up to 300' effective range

Two 123A lithium battery included

End-switch control - press for
momentary on, click for constant on/off

Patent-pending lock-out tail cap

Mid-body switch—located for optimal
control; press for momentary on, click
for constant on/off

• Includes charger cradle plus power
supplies for AC and DC charging

The only dedicated rechargeable LED duty light

The INOVA T4 offers major benefits overcompeting rechargeables: it provides up to two times the burn time (up to 2 hours of constant, non-dimming output), recharges in about one quarter of the time and projects light up to 300'. The T4 can be recharged anytime without waiting for the battery to be fully discharged. Its battery can be recharged hundreds of times.

With its performance and usability advantages, and lower battery replacement costs, the T4is the best rechargeable LED flashlight professionals can buy.


Up to +90% light efficiency

Beam quality in the field



Measureable results

The patented TIROS (Total Internal Reflection Optical System) lens collects and fires more lumens per watt than any lens its size. Up to +90% of the light generated by the LED is delivered. It is the achievement of a joint two year R&D effort with Optical Research Associates, the firm called upon by NASA and the US military to develop the world's most advanced optical systems.

T-Series flashlights project a well-defined hot spot and balanced peripheral field over long distances. Users get excellent visibility of the target object plus illumination of the immediate surroundings.



A digital imaging photometer analyzes TIROS beam concentration, intensity and uniformity in 2D and 3D views.


The photometer provides an objective picture of the beam and provides insight into field performance.


Instruction Manual
(Requires Adobe PDF Reader)


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