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Unfortunately somecompanies provide confusing or misleading information as to the puncture performance of their glove styles. There is no substitution for REAL TIME testing. If your agency or department is looking to purchase the most puncture resistant gloves available and are uncertain about various claims, then we highly suggest you first obtain T&E samples from us along with any other products of interest in the market. It is only with such a comparison using hypodermic needles that you can be absolutely confident in your choice, as well as know the realistic performance boundaries for which these types of gloves can operate within. We are of course confident in the comparative superiority of the V-Force? verses competitor models and thus encourage you to test and compare. ÿ *SuperFabric is a registered trademark of HDM, Inc. and is protected by multiple patents and patents-pending. ÿ

**No gloves are puncture or cut PROOF, and all have their limitations. Always use extreme caution when searching. Comparative test data available.



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