Crimson Trace Sighting Installation

Sighting In Your Lasergrips

Lasergrips are factory-sighted to approximate point-of-impact at 50-feet. Unlike most other laser sights, you can adjust them if needed by turning the tiny windage (side) and elevation (top) screws with the small hex wrenches provided with your Lasergrips.

A good starting point is to establish your normal sight picture and line up the laser dot with the iron sights ? this may be all the adjustment needed. (?Sight picture? simply means evenly aligning the notch in your back sights with the post in your front sight in a level, straight line.)

For further tuning on the range, fire a few rounds at the target. After seeing where the bullets are hitting, you can adjust the laser to the actual point of impact. For example, if the laser is pointing at the center of the target, but the bullets are impacting low and right, move the laser down and to the right.

Installing Your Lasergrips

Installing Lasergrips is quick and easy, and requires no special tools. Below are general instructions covering most models of Lasergrips and guns. Please consult your Owner?s Manual for specific instructions covering your Lasergrip model.

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