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CTC Logo LasergripsHow are Lasergrips activated? Do they work both right- and left-handed?
A great feature of Lasergrips is that they turn on simply by holding your gun in a natural firing grip. You don?t need to flip a switch or do anything differently.

A natural grip on the firearm will activate the laser. Depending on the model, Lasergrips have either a front activation button or middle-finger activation buttons on both sides
of the grip. Either style works equally well for right- and left-handed shooting.

How far is the laser visible?
Crimson Trace has the most powerful beam allowed by law, a Class IIIa visible light diode. At night, in reduced light and indoors the laser is highly visible up to several hundred yards. Under bright sunlight, the dot can be seen up to 15 yards away.

Lighter-colored surfaces reflect laser light better than darker surfaces. The lighter the surface, the brighter the laser dot will be and the farther away it can be seen.

How long will my batteries last? Where can I get them?
Almost all Crimson Trace Lasergrips use #2032 batteries. Batteries provide over four (4) hours of ?ON? time. (LG-525 uses a 123 battery with up to 20 hours of ?ON?.) These batteries are readily available and inexpensive.

What happens if my batteries die?
When batteries are low, the laser does not just stop working. It fades in intensity and gives plenty of warning. A low battery is indicated by a bright beam when the laser is first activated that begins to slowly fade after several seconds. Most heavy users change their batteries once a year, just to be safe.

Are Lasergrips weatherproof?
Lasergrips are weatherproof so there?s no risk taking them in the heavy rain or splashing them. Submerging them in water, while not recommended, will not destroy the laser sight. If they are submerged, take them off, remove the batteries and allow to air dry.

How do I sight them in?Lasergrips laser diode side
Lasergrips are factory-sighted to approximate point-of-impact at 50-feet. Unlike most other laser sights, you can adjust them if needed by turning the tiny windage (side) and elevation (top) screws with the small hex wrenches provided with your Lasergrips.

A good starting point is to establish your normal sight picture and line up the laser dot with the iron sights ? this may be all the adjustment needed. (?Sight picture? simply means evenly aligning the notch in your back sights with the post in your front sight in a level, straight line.)

For further tuning on the range, fire a few rounds at the target. After seeing where the bullets are hitting, you can adjust the laser to the actual point of impact. For example, if the laser is pointing at the center of the target, but the bullets are impacting low and right, move the laser down and to the right.


Sighting In Guide
Are Lasergrips easily adjustable?
Yes, they can be adjusted for windage and elevation with the included hex wrenches. Lasergrips come pre-sighted from the factory for about 50-feet, which is a good distance to sight-in a handgun. We understand that all guns are slightly different, so we let you fine tune them.

What if I don?t see my firearm listed in the Application Guide?
We still may have Lasergrips to fit your gun. Call or email us, we want to hear from you. If we don?t have a model that will fit, requests from people like you help us determine what products to make next.

Master On Off Switch

Can I turn the laser off completely?
Lasergrips include a master ON / OFF switch for complete system override (except LG-205 and Glock Lasergrips).

1911 modified safety for Laser sight




Will Lasergrips fit my 1911 pistol that has an ambidextrous safety?
A standard right-side safety lever will interfere with the laser diode housing. You will need to remove your factory right-hand paddle and shorten it slightly to clear. Your local gunsmith can do this quickly and inexpensively.

Crimson Trace sells pre-modified Wilson Combat safeties that have the slim ?tactical? lever on the left side and a shorter (but wider) paddle on the right side. Like all aftermarket safeties, these will need to be fitted by a gunsmith.

Do I have a round butt or square butt frame revolver?

Round Butt grip handle vs square butt

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